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Revolutionize Your Online Business
by Converting your fanbase into hot buyers!

Are you tired of having a strong social media following but still low sales? Then it’s time for a revolution! Learn how to craft compelling offers, write persuasive copy, and create attractive website designs.

The solutions

Want to turn followers into paying clients?

With a laser focus on your Offer, Copy, and Design, we’ll elevate your brand while also supercharging your conversions.

Boost your sales with our
free funnel analysis!

Struggling with low sales despite a strong social media following? Discover our proven Funnel Optimization Formula to:

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Website due for a makeover?

If you’re not tech-savvy or short on time to optimize your website, these design templates are an ideal solution for you.

Each template has been outlined to increase conversions with step-by-step copywriting samples. [Benefit/Solution]

Conceived to be easy to use, just drag-and-drop your content.

No time for templates?
Let us do it for you!

Unlock the possibilities of top-tier web design, irresistible offers, strategic marketing plans, and seamless automations.

Explore our services and take your business to the next level!

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Elevate yourself & your business

Learn more about Offer Creation, Mental Clarity and One-Person Business. Implement what you learn with our weekly challenges.

About Marie

Let’s fast-track our connection. LOCATION: I’ma Pure French Canadian girl.Haven’t lived abroad yet, but it’s in my plans. Any good spots to recommend? EDUCATION: I

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About me

A Conversion Designer at your service

What do I eat for breakfast? Where do I sleep?
Learn everything about me and my profound vision.

Marie Soleil, the sassy

Being a secretary for 8+ years in the corporate world and public sector, I was tired of helping others succeed while I was staying at the same level.

Tried lots of online business ideas, like most of us young minds when we want more financial freedom.

Finally hit the target with Conversion Design, which is a higher value service than Web Design; instead of only revamping websites, we help increase conversions. Simple, isn’t it?

WRONG! It requires a good deal of knowledge and expertise in Offer Creation, Copywriting, Analytics, Automations, Marketing and Sales. But I love it! (:

My main goal is to share in my experience while also helping people get out of their comfort zone. So many of us are dead-walking through life, it’s time to shake it up!

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Out of it, free of it!

Are you often stuck in your own head? Afraid of people’s judgement, of rejection, of being vulnerable in front of others? Then you are not living!

Knowledge brings
  • Power
  • Peace
  • Freedom

Only to those who dare

Embark on this journey Outside of your Comfort Zone!

Discover your potential, earn money with it and live under your own rules. Become your better self in the process.

Knowledge given with actionable steps. You can’t fail if you dare.